Data Retention Policy for Rask AI

Brask Inc


This policy outlines the requirements and controls/procedures ElevenLabs has implemented to manage the retention and deletion of customer data.


This policy applies to all customer data collected, stored, and processed by Rask AI. It encompasses all data types, including personal information, transaction records, communication logs, and any other data associated with customer accounts. This policy is applicable to all employees, contractors, and third-party service providers who handle customer data.


Data retention is crucial for ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and operational requirements. Proper management of data retention helps protect customer privacy, maintain data integrity, and support business operations. Rask AI is committed to implementing effective data retention practices to safeguard customer data while meeting relevant legal and business obligations.


Active Accounts

Customer data is retained for as long as the account is active. Users can manage their projects and data within their accounts.

Account and Project Deletion

When a user deletes their account, we mark the account as deleted in our database. When a user deletes a project, the associated data in the database is deleted immediately. However, media files remain stored on our storage for up to 30 days to provide an opportunity for recovery in case of accidental deletion.