Speakers control

Take Control of Your Speakers

How Does it Work?

Upload your video
Choose the Voice Clone
Get the translated video with your voice

Why Would You Need This?

Misidentified Speaker

There are times when the system might not accurately recognize the speaker. In these cases, having the ability to manually reassign the speaker is crucial.

Desire to Change the Voice

You may wish to change the speaker's voice to better suit the content or the target audience.

Multilingual Projects

If your project involves multiple languages, this feature allows you to assign speakers that are fluent and native-sounding in each of the required languages.

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Extensive Voice Library

Choose from a wide variety of voices for every language. Whether you need a voice that's authoritative, friendly, casual, or any other tone, you'll find the perfect fit in our expansive voice library. Our AI ensures that each voice sounds natural, expressive, and fluent in the chosen language.
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Audio Books

Perfectly assign different voices to different characters in your audiobook.


Pick a voice that best aligns with your brand and product.

Films and Series Localization

Assign voices to characters that best match their personality and role.

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What are the main features of Rask?
How many languages do you currently support?
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What payment methods do you accept?
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Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
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How do you ensure the security of my payment information?
What should I do if 2000 minutes per month are insufficient for my needs?
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