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Why Rask AI?

Human Like VoiceOver

Human Like VoiceOver

The Voiceclone feature elevates your content, making it sound more natural than ever before. Say goodbye to robotic voices offered by previous gen solutions and take your AI dubbing to the next level with Rask AI.



Translate videos with up to 10 speakers and clone each voice. Tell stories and engage your audience deeply in your content.

130+ Languages

130+ Languages

Language library in Rask AI contains more than 130 languages and accents from around the globe. You brand will be represented in every corner of the world with personalized content.

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Reach worldwide audience and sponsors without extra costs

Video Podcasts

Translate your video podcasts into 130+ languages. Engage new audiences, attract advertisers, and bring in new guests! Upload it to YouTube, Spotify, PodBean and other worldwide platforms

Audio Podcasts

Translate your audio podcasts and launch it worldwide. Attract new sponsors, expand your audience, and spread your thoughts to every corner of the planet! Upload it to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms


Interviews - translate video and audio content with up to 10 speakers, and the VoiceClone feature will make each voice sound similar to the original. Preserve the identity and emotions of each new guest!

Short-form content

Make your short-form content go viral in any language. Easily translate your YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels content in just minutes. Reach a new audience, engage them effectively, and attract new sponsors to your account

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How Does it Work?

Drag and drop your file
Insert link to Video
Translate to English
Upload a video or audio and choose language for translation
AI will translate and dubb your video with voiceclone
Get new video with new language

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Why AI translation is worth to check?

Save time

Translate content in just a matter of minutes. What used to take weeks can now be accomplished today.

Expand your audience reach

Reach a new audience from any corner of the planet. Speaking 130+ languages opens up 130 new markets for spreading your content and finding new customers.

Save money

Using Rask AI, you can translate content for as low as $1 per minute, making it over 10 times more cost-effective compared to traditional methods.

One-handed localization tool

Translate into multiple languages, dub and redub videos, add subtitles — all in one place.

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What should I do if 2000 minutes per month are insufficient for my needs?
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