Welcome to the Future of Film Dubbing with Rask AI

In the evolving landscape of film and media, ensuring global accessibility of content is critical. Rask AI introduces a new era of film dubbing that's efficient, scalable, and preserves the emotional integrity of the original work.

Your New Assistant in Dubbing

Children’s Content

Simplify the dubbing of animated shows or films with Rask AI. Translate dialogues, rhyme, and songs while keeping the joy and magic intact in every language.

Documentary Films

Make informative content globally accessible. With Rask AI, you can effectively translate and dub intricate narratives, ensuring the information is clearly communicated in all languages.

Educational Videos

Break down language barriers in education. Whether it's a how-to video or a full course, Rask AI helps in translating and dubbing your content effectively to broaden its reach and impact.

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The Rask AI Advantage

Multilingual Translations

Break language barriers and connect with young audiences worldwide. With Rask AI, your content can be understood and enjoyed by children in over 130 languages.

VoiceClone Technology

Keep your characters' voices consistent across translations. VoiceClone technology maintains the original voice attributes, ensuring the characters remain recognizable and lovable to children, regardless of the language.

Synthetic Voice Library

Choose from a variety of child-friendly voices. Customize the voice of your content to match the cultural and linguistic expectations of your target demographics.

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What should I do if 2000 minutes per month are insufficient for my needs?
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