Add Subtitles to MP4 with Rask AI

Utilizing AI to add subtitles to mp4 videos revolutionizes content accessibility and engagement. With support for 130+ languages, accurate voice recognition, and playback that mirrors the original voice, this technology ensures that your videos reach a global audience, enhancing understanding and interaction.

How Does it Work?

Edit Your Project

Press the "Edit Project" button to start making changes to your transcription and translation

Modify the Text

Change the original or translated text at the necessary excerpts to fit your needs

Export Video with Subtitles

Once you're satisfied with the adjustments, simply save the changes

Why Do You Need This AI Adding Subtitles to MP4 Tool?

Enhancing Accessibility and Reach with Subtitles

When the translation is longer than the original sentence, editing allows you to adjust the text to fit the original timeline.

Simplifying Content Creation and Editing

Add or change a phrase according to your content needs.

AI Misinterpretation

Professional content creators understand the importance of subtitles in enhancing viewer experience. Our service allows you to add subtitles to mp4 videos with precision. You can choose between embedded subtitles or external subtitles, depending on your needs. If you prefer hardcoded subtitles, our tool supports that as well. The subtitles tab in our software program offers various options to customize the appearance and timing of the subtitles. You can even extract subtitles from existing content. With support for srt format, srt files, and a free online program to add srt files, you have complete control over how your subtitles appear.

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Options for Using Our Adding Subtitles to MP4 Service

Content Creators

Break language barriers and connect with young audiences worldwide. With Rask AI, your content can be understood and enjoyed by children in over 65 languages.


Keep your characters' voices consistent across translations. VoiceClone technology maintains the original voice attributes, ensuring the characters remain recognizable and lovable to children, regardless of the language.

Educational Institutions

For filmmakers, YouTubers, and entertainment content creators, subtitles are an essential part of storytelling. Our service allows you to add subtitles to mp4 videos with precision. You can edit subtitles, merge subtitles, and even extract subtitles from existing content. The subtitles tab offers various customization options, from appearance to timing. If you prefer to keep subtitles as a separate file, that's possible too. You can download subtitles and provide them as external subtitles or local captions. The menu bar in our software program offers easy navigation, and you can even hardcode subtitles if needed.

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