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AI Lip Sync Video Generator

Fast and accurate lip-sync your translated videos using AI in over 130 languages. Supports videos up to 5 hours long.

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Create a Lip-Sync for Your Video File in Three Steps

Upload Your Video File

Use a video file of any format – or paste a link to YouTube or Google Drive. Drag and drop your video or upload it from a cloud storage.

Press Translate Button and turn on the Lip-sync feature

Select the desired language and press the translate button, then turn on the lip sync function.

Download Your File

Your lip-synced video will be ready in several minutes. Download your file and enjoy!
Have you ever seen videos, where animated characters, historical persons, or other people speak with the help of animation and artificial voice? This is called lip-sync technology – and with the help of Rask AI, you can try it today only in a few clicks. Open your inner creator or boost business tasks. That's all up to you.

Why May You Require Rask AI for Lip Sync Techniques

Be Ready in Several Minutes

Submitting the request is all that is required. Our technology will discover the best ways of adjusting your video to a character’s movements and facial expressions. All this is possible in a few clicks.

Correct translations and transcriptions of your text

If AI makes some mistakes with your data, feel free to adjust it. Feel free to correct translations from your mother tongue to another language and vice versa.

Modify the Final Result

Before you save a ready-made video, watch it and fix any needed parts. Delete unnecessary moments, reduce silence, and add subtitles if you want. All this is possible within the Rask video editor.

Why Would You Need Mouth Shapes Syncing: Best Practices


Generate voiceovers for onboarding, educational videos, or promotional materials. Make your online users believe it is a real person’s speech and cut off on recording videos in several languages. With the help of perfect mouth shape tracking, you can create realistic content out of your video file. No more manual recording and expenses on content creators.

Content Creation

Give freedom to your inner creativity. Use Rask AI settings to perfectly adjust voiceovers to your animated characters. Create movies and cartoons, animate them with perfect voice tweaks, upload your video to YouTube, and make people easily find you on Google with the help of perfect optimization. Use lipsync, translation, transcription, and other opportunities of the Rask AI.


Create educational videos for online users and your students. Teach them the basics of digital arts and character creation, offer educational videos on other topics, and translate them into several languages. All this with submitting your request in Rask AI. Nothing difficult!

Stellar reviews

Localize content at scale with Rask API

Need to translate hours of audio and video daily? Our robust API allows you to automate this process, making it time- and cost-efficient

Veronica R.
Mentor, Enterprise

Translating and adding voices to videos has never been easier

The platform is very user friendly. It makes my work much easier and it saves me a lot of time.

Steven R.
Senior Software Engineer

A great way to reach new audiences in other countries

I have been using Rask Al for a few weeks now, and I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. What I like best about Rask Al is its intuitive interface which makes it incredibly user-friendly. The data processing speed is phenomenal, saving me a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the support team is responsive and very helpful, which adds to the overall positive experience of using Rask AI.

Nadia S.
Deputy Director, Small-Bussines

Probably the best Al dubbing software on the market right now

It is very easy to download your voice or video files. It doesn't give you wrong error messages about non-existing watermarks in my own podcast, like other Al tools does (without any way of correcting the error). It has an easy to use interface where both the original language and the translation can be edited. And the clone voices are quite good, although there's still some work to be done. But in totality a top tool right now in the market

Bent D.
Board Member, Enterprise
Content Creators

More Benefits of Lip Sync Tools

Unlike most AI video programs, Rask AI doesn't need an API to generate videos and lipsync products. Open the service online and complete the sound output with no downloading or installing anything. You can even do it via your smartphone. However, the benefits don't stop here.

Catch Up With Time

Lip-sync is a new trend of 2024, and no wonder – new AIs can generate dubs with extremely realistic videos. Show that your brand catches up with time and tries modern video solutions.

Economize on manual lip-sync technology

Rask AI also allows you to translate materials before syncing video with audio – use it to save money. Manual transcription and translation cost way more than a subscription for small lip-syncing tasks.

Uncover audiences all over the world

You never know what people will appreciate in your content the most. Try lipsync in various languages to reach more people – all this is possible automatically. Just let AI do everything and tweak the final result.

Enhance your authority as a modern brand

Brands, especially those presented online, should always prove their statuses. Show how progressive and creative you are with the help of lip-sync animation. Use lip-sync in video ads to engage more people and catch their attention. Reuse the AI-made script for further content products.

Open new audience together with Rask AI Localization

Unlike other video editing tools, our translator completes various purposes. Auto-translate videos, export a translated video with subs or voiceovers and translate your video into multiple languages.

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