Timestamps control

Change voiceover timelines in just a few clicks with Rask AI.

How Does it Work?

Change Timestamps

avigate to the necessary excerpts and adjust the timestamps as needed.

Save Changes

Once you're satisfied with the adjustments, simply save the changes

Why Would You Need This?

Maintain Flow and Coherence

When the translation is longer than the original sentence, editing allows you to adjust the text to fit the original timeline

Add or Modify Phrases

Add or change a phrase according to your content needs

AI Misinterpretation

If the AI has misinterpreted any segment, you can manually correct the timestamps to match the content.

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Multilingual Content Creators

For YouTubers, filmmakers, or podcasters who translate their content into multiple languages, this feature allows seamless synchronization of translated voiceovers with the original timestamps.

Corporate Communications

For global companies that need to communicate internally in multiple languages, ensuring that the translated audio matches the timing of the original content can make messages clear and understandable to all employees.

Educational Content

For educators and online learning platforms offering multilingual courses, adjusting voiceover timelines ensures that educational materials are coherent and accessible to international students.

Voice Artists and Dubbing Professionals

This feature streamlines the dubbing process, helping voice artists and dubbing professionals to synchronize their voiceovers with the video content in any language.

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