Take Your Localized Game to the Next Level with Rask AI

Accelerate Your Game's Localization Success with Rask AI" The global gaming industry is diverse and dynamic, and reaching out to a wide-ranging player base requires more than just translation. With Rask AI, you can localize your game into 130+ languages, connecting deeply with players across the world, enhancing their gaming experience, and positioning your game for international success.

Transform Your Localize Game Experience with Rask AI

Gaming Localization in Marketing

Localize your game trailers, promotional videos, and ads to connect deeply with players in every market. By understanding cultural nuances and preferences, Rask AI helps you deliver compelling marketing messages that hit home with global audiences.

In-Game Content Localization: A Crucial Aspect of Video Games Translation

Tailor your in-game text, dialogues, UI, and more to suit the linguistic and cultural preferences of players worldwide. With Rask AI, you can ensure that every aspect of your game feels native to players in different regions.

Community Localization: Fostering Global Engagement

Enhance player engagement and foster a sense of belonging by localizing your community forums, social media posts, and player support. With Rask AI, you can build a global community that feels local and personal to every player.

Character Localization: A Key Element in Video Game Localization

Bring your characters to life for every player, irrespective of their language or culture. Rask AI lets you localize character dialogues, keeping them authentic, relatable, and engaging across languages.

Leveraging UGC Localization in the Gaming Industry

Amplify the impact of user-generated content like reviews and gameplay videos by localizing them. Rask AI lets you leverage the power of UGC to attract and engage players globally, extending the lifespan and reach of every piece of user-generated content.

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Harness the Power of Rask AI in Games Localization

Multilingual Translations

Break language barriers and connect with young audiences worldwide. With Rask AI, your content can be understood and enjoyed by children in over 130 languages.

VoiceClone Technology

Keep your characters' voices consistent across translations. VoiceClone technology maintains the original voice attributes, ensuring the characters remain recognizable and lovable to children, regardless of the language.

Synthetic Voice Library

Choose from a variety of child-friendly voices. Customize the voice of your content to match the cultural and linguistic expectations of your target demographics.

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Overcome Your Localization Challenges with Rask AI


Translate and dub content swiftly, saving you valuable time. Rask AI's efficient operations ensure that localization doesn't slow down your marketing rollouts.


Reach global audiences with translations into 130+ languages. With Rask AI, language is no longer a limitation, allowing you to scale your marketing efforts to a global audience.


Preserve the original tone and emotion across languages. With VoiceClone and our synthetic voice library, your content maintains its emotional resonance, regardless of the language it's translated into


Handle a variety of content types with Rask AI's versatile features. Whether it's video, audio, or text, Rask AI can localize it all, providing a comprehensive solution to your marketing localization needs.

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