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IELTS Advantage | Ultimate IELTS 3-Hour Speaking Course
😱 GOLDEN BUZZER : Crazy Deep Fake Brings Celine Dion on stage 🤯
Benett Graezer | How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone
Benett Graezer | How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone

Features created to make magic happen

Contextual cutting

Boost engagement of short videos

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Subtitles generation

Up to 75% viewers watch videos on mute sometimes

How does it works?

Upload your full-length video

Rask free tools work with AVI, MP3, MP4, and a bunch of other formats. Long or short, vertical or horizontal footage – it doesn't truly matter. Just drag and drop, add a link, or give us access to your Google Drive.

Wait for AI to do the magic

Rask video editor is what you need. Are you in a hurry? Just choose one of the video short templates – YouTube video clips, Instagram reels, etc. All is possible! Full suite for free.

Get a bunch of short clips with text for social media

Yes, that easily. Just see how our AI tools customize your video shorts, and download the result. As the best app, we offer multiple tools, and easy download is one of them.

Why would you need a short video maker for your job?

For various reasons, actually. From marketing purposes to creative content production, all these goals should adapt to modern standards. With your audience having no time for full-scale video clips, short videos are a must to engage and deliver your idea. And Rask online video editor can help — just upload your materials, and see how magic happens.

Stellar reviews

Localize content at scale with Rask API

Need to translate hours of audio and video daily? Our robust API allows you to automate this process, making it time- and cost-efficient

Veronica R.
Mentor, Enterprise

Translating and adding voices to videos has never been easier

The platform is very user friendly. It makes my work much easier and it saves me a lot of time.

Steven R.
Senior Software Engineer

A great way to reach new audiences in other countries

I have been using Rask Al for a few weeks now, and I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. What I like best about Rask Al is its intuitive interface which makes it incredibly user-friendly. The data processing speed is phenomenal, saving me a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the support team is responsive and very helpful, which adds to the overall positive experience of using Rask AI.

Nadia S.
Deputy Director, Small-Bussines

Probably the best Al dubbing software on the market right now

It is very easy to download your voice or video files. It doesn't give you wrong error messages about non-existing watermarks in my own podcast, like other Al tools does (without any way of correcting the error). It has an easy to use interface where both the original language and the translation can be edited. And the clone voices are quite good, although there's still some work to be done. But in totality a top tool right now in the market

Bent D.
Board Member, Enterprise
Content Creators

Inspiring success stories

Switching to Rask AI allowed Ian to save £10-12k on localization costs

Explore Ian Wharton's journey to expand his educational course, 'Sell the Idea' with Rask AI. Learn how localization and dubbing solutions provide accessibility and empower creatives and entrepreneurs.

Ian Wharton
Creator of "Sell the Idea"

Improving Global Health: Rask AI Boosts Fisiolution's US Engagement by 15% and Elevates Worldwide Interaction

Discover how Fisiolution is using Rask AI's dubbing solutions to reach a wider audience and deepen engagement. Explore their story of expanding healthcare education globally and connecting with diverse audiences through creative content localization strategies.

Víctor Hernán
CEO of Fisiolution

Cutting Costs with In-House Dubbing: How Pixellu Slashed Expenses Using Rask AI for Multilingual Content

Explore how Pixellu slashed costs and enhanced global engagement through Rask AI’s multilingual dubbing solutions. Discover the key strategies behind their success in content localization, which has helped connect with diverse audiences and grow their business internationally.

Andrey Afanasenko
Regional Marketing Manager at Pixellu

Global VR Success: A 22% Visit Increase & 40% Returning Users with Rask AI’s Japanese Localization

Discover how VR World achieved a 22% increase in visits and 40% returning users by leveraging Rask AI’s Japanese localization to overcome language barriers and foster a stronger, global VR community.

Georgy Molodtsov
Founder of Film XR, VR producer, Festival curator

Psychology training center redubs entire course library with Rask AI

UpPro School transforms its course library with Rask AI, maintaining originality in Ukrainian through VoiceClone technology, ensuring engagement and trust.

Nataly Novgorodskaya
Partner and Co-Founder at UpPro School

Satellites, voice cloning, and strategy, Oh My!

Rask AI handles 90 to 95% of SkyFi’s translation needs, providing accurate and efficient multilingual translations.

Tom Babb
Growth Marketing Manager, SkyFi

Rask AI Opens Doors to a Wildlife Fantasy Film

Film producers worldwide find a solution in Rask AI for international distribution challenges, making global film sharing a reality. Image Images leads as innovators with ‘The Legend of Akam’, pioneering AI in film localization for authentic and efficient dubbing.

Pierre Meynadier
Producer and Director, Image Images

Gaming Bloggers Go Global with Rask AI

Gaming bloggers and YouTube streamers go global with Rask AI, achieving professional voiceovers and broadened audience reach.

Ahmet Can Şimşek

UI learning platform wins a new audience with Rask AI

Learn how Rask AI boosts enterprise: swift, accurate localizations transform UI education. Automation fosters focus, enriching learning experiences.

Christine Vallaure
Founder at

30x More Views on YouTube: A Canadian Catholic Association Expands Outreach with Rask AI

A Catholic association decided to experiment with our services for French YouTube Shorts. This strategic choice led to an astonishing 30x surge in viewership, significantly amplifying an outreach.

François Boulay
Translator and social media manager at Heralds of the Gospel

Rask Al will transform inclusive
video learning

See how Alex Isaacs nailed remote teaching with Rask AI's translation tools — watch his amazing success story in our video!

Alex Isaacs
Edtech Expert, Rask Customer

Rask AI Transformed our Video Marketing Process

Check out the 4Endurance story. With Rask AI's translation and dubbing, handling global content became a breeze. Get the scoop in our case study

Domen Prosen
4Endurance founder

Rask AI helped a TV company break the viewership ceiling

Dive into the journey of Fameplay TV’s, a Czech internet television specializing in edutainment. Chief Producer Lukáš Záhoř highlights Rask AI’s unmatched quality and cost-effective approach to global content adaptation

Lukas Zahor
Fameplay TV Chief Producer

I use Rask AI to share my knowledge about 3D-animation to everyone

Salman Naseem, a telecom engineer, freelance animator, and educational content creator, discusses using Rask to launch a YouTube channel globally

Salman Nessen
3D-Expert, Rask Costomer
Content Creators

Open new audience together with Rask AI Localization

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Some More Benefits to Create Short Videos You Never Thought Of Boost organic search on social networks

Do you know that in the Instagram app, reels are the only way of organic promotion in 2024? As for YouTube, it boosts Shorts to promote this new feature. Finally, TikTok is an overall platform with massive organic search mechanisms. Enjoy all this with a clip creator.

Boost working routine

Record and edit videos for your employees. Create clear instructions, explain details, etc. No need for full-scale screen records and long explanations. No editing experience required as well. Just cut the video parts within Rask and craft perfect working materials.

Show that your brand catches up with time

Short videos are among the solutions. Even world-scale brands use them on social media to show their awareness and modern status. Now when people get tired of traditional Insta posts, short clips are coming.

Reuse content

Reuse, reduce, recycle – that's not only about ecology. Craft one video and create dozens of content pieces out of it. What about cutting a video to craft several YouTube shorts? Or maybe make a short compilation of the best moments for your Insta stories? Or what about an online video out of images? Future-proof content and save money or reusing.


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How to make shorts using AI?
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